Your terms and conditions


SENETUNES is the provider of the service that allows you to purchase a license for digital downloads of content (the "Products SENETUNES ") solely for the end user , according to the terms described in this Agreement.


Terms of payment are:

o Payment by credit card or Paypal
o Payment by passcourses: Wari, Orange Monney, Credit card, Monney Express ...

Payment by passcourses lead to accept its conditions of Passcourses sale. Thank you to consult these terms of passcourses sale.

Synthetic and non-exhaustive presentation of passcourses payment:
It is very simple to use PassCourses:

o Buy PassCourses by CASH assistance + control at home by calling 781 736 565;
o Buy or PassCourses in the nearest you WARI item.
o Buy or PassCourses by credit card or paypal on, when you buy select one of the available funds (15 €, 25 €, 50 €, 100 €).

You can pay larger amounts by combining several PassCourses codes. This also allows you to use the remaining credits PassCourses codes.
Pay to with Passcourses you bought: Simply insert the PassCourses code and mobile number.
Payment is made with the PASS is to say the alphanumeric code provided by after payment by CASH by calling 781736565 or WARI in 6161 or Orange Money (contact PassCourses for explanations relating to the procedure to follow Orange Money). This PASS is received by SMS automatically consecutively with your payment. If the PASS has a balance below the amount of the order then the Customer may enter another PASS (Passes may be accumulated for the payment of the order, parcontre Pass is not refundable)
o / To Pay CASH, if you live in Dakar, just call customer service at 781 736 565. PassCourses can also assist you to order.
o B / To pay by WARI, simply go to an WARI item and pay for account PassCourses in 6161, you will receive your code via SMS PassCourses
o C / To pay by Orange Money, just to transfer Orange Money from your mobile, you will automatically receive your SMS PassCourses code, contact PassCourses for explanations relating to the procedure to follow for Orange Money

A module is available on the home page to check the balance of his PASS, just enter the mobile number and its PASS and click on "My balance! "


This service is available to persons aged 13 years or more. If you are 13 or older, but under 18 , you must read this Agreement with your parent or guardian to make sure that you and your parent or guardian understand it.
Use of the Service requires compatible hardware , and Internet access , and certain software ( which can be delivered against fee ) may require obtaining updates , and can be affected by the performance of these factors . You agree that compliance with these technical requirements, which can be changed periodically , is your responsibility . The Service is not part of any other product or offering, and no purchase or obtaining of any other product whatsoever shall be construed as providing you or guarantee you access to the Service .


As a registered user of the Service , you can create an account (" Account"). You should not reveal to anyone the information about your account . You are solely responsible for the confidentiality and security of your account and all transactions on your account or through it, and you agree to immediately notify SENETUNES of any security breach of your Account. SENETUNES can not be held responsible for any loss arising from unauthorized use of your Account.
To buy and download SENETUNES Products from the Service , you must enter your ID and password or to make purchases. After authenticating your account for a period of fifteen minutes on your computer. During this period , you can purchase and download SENETUNES products without having to re-enter your password. You agree to provide accurate and complete information at the time of registration and using the Service ( "Registration Data ") and you agree to update your Registration Data to keep it accurate and complete. You agree that SENETUNES store and use the Registration Data you provide for the conduct of your account and billing .


SENETUNES reserves the right to change without notice content options (including access to specific functionality ) .


You agree that you SENETUNES products that are granted under license . You understand that the Service and some SENETUNES products include a security framework using technology that protects digital information and limits your usage of Products to certain SENETUNES Terms of Use ( "Device Security ") established by SENETUNES and its licensors . You further agree that your use of SENETUNES products, whether or not protected by security technology , is limited to certain usage rules established by SENETUNES and its licensors (" Usage Rules ") and any other use SENETUNES Products may constitute a violation of copyright . Any security technology is an inseparable part of SENETUNES products . SENETUNES reserves the right to modify at any time the Usage Rules for future purchases on the Service. However, such changes will not apply to SENETUNES products you have already purchased. Any modification of the Usage Rules will be communicated . If you refuse to accept the new Rules of Use, you will not be allowed to acquire SENETUNES Products from the Service.


( i) You may use SENETUNES Products only for personal , noncommercial use . For more information about your rights and restrictions on your use rights SENETUNES products, please consult the following pages:

You may download content only once. Senetunes disclaims any liability if the musical content does not work when it is downloaded from a modible device.

( ii ) You may write a list of audio playback up to 2 times maximum . You can use audio on which you burned your Products SENETUNES the same way you can use a store bought CD audio , subject to the Senegalese laws on copyright CDs.
 ( iii) SENETUNES Products do not contain security technology that limits your use of these products SENETUNES . You can copy, store and burn SENETUNES More Products in the extent reasonably necessary for your personal, non- commercial use .
Providing SENETUNES Products does not grant any rights promotional or commercial use on SENETUNES products . All possibilities to burn or export you are granted only for convenience and do not constitute a grant or waiver or limitation of any other rights , the owners of the copyright on the content included in a product SENETUNES .
You acknowledge that some aspects of the Service, SENETUNES Products, and administration of the Usage Rules entails the ongoing involvement from SENETUNES .


You agree not to violate , circumvent , modify, reverse engineer , decompile, disassemble or alter in any way any part of the security device , or attempt or assist another person to do so. Notwithstanding any other provision , you are allowed to burn to the CD SENETUNES Audio Products , within the limits of the Usage Rules . Usage Rules may be controlled and monitored by SENETUNES for compliance purposes, and SENETUNES reserves the right to enforce the Usage Rules without notice.


You agree not to access the Service by any means other than through the use of SENETUNES to access the Service . All breaches of security of the system or network may subject you to civil or criminal liability .


The Service may offer interactive features that allow you to submit content (including links to third-party content ) on areas of the Service accessible and viewable by the public. You agree that your use of such features, including any materials submitted by you, shall be your sole responsibility, shall not infringe or violate the rights of third parties or violate any laws, contribute to illegal conduct or encourage , or otherwise be obscene. You further agree that you have obtained all necessary rights and licenses. You agree to provide accurate and complete in connection with your submission of information contained on the Service . Hereby grant to you a license to SENETUNES worldwide , perpetual, free of charge, non- exclusive license to use such materials as part of the Service , and in relation SENETUNES products, without such use involves any compensation or obligation to you. SENETUNES reserves the right not to post or publish any materials, and to delete, remove or edit any material, at any time , in its sole discretion and without notice or liability on his part.
SENETUNES has the right but not the obligation , to monitor any information or content you have submitted or posted or otherwise available on the Service , to investigate any apparent or brought to its attention violation of this Agreement , and to at its discretion, any action SENETUNES deems appropriate , including , without limitation , termination hereunder or under SENETUNES policy on intellectual property.


Certain content, Products SENETUNES and services available via the Service may include materials from third parties . SENETUNES may provide links to websites of third parties for convenience. You acknowledge and agree that SENETUNES is not responsible for examining and evaluating the content or accuracy qu'SENETUNES and does not warrant or incur any liability for material or Web sites of third parties , or other elements , third party products or services and accepts no responsibility in this regard. You agree not to use any material from third parties that infringe or violate the rights of any other person and you acknowledge that SENETUNES will in no way responsible for such use .


You understand that by using the Service, you may be exposed to content that may be deemed offensive, indecent, or objectionable , and that such content may or may not be identified as such explicitly. Nevertheless, you agree to use the Service at your own risk and that SENETUNES will have no liability to you for content that may be deemed offensive, indecent or inappropriate . The types of products and descriptions of these are provided only for convenience , and you agree that SENETUNES not guarantee their accuracy.


You agree that the Service , including without limitation , the SENETUNES Products, graphics , user interface, audio and video clips, and editorial content, and the scripts and software used to implement the Service, contains information and SENETUNES copyrighted material owned and / or its licensors and are protected by laws relating to intellectual property and other , including but not limited to copyright . You agree not to use such information or in connection with use of the Service in accordance with this Agreement. No portion of the Service may be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever, except to the extent expressly set forth herein. You agree not to modify , rent, leasing , loan, sell , distribute or create derivative works of the Service, in any manner whatsoever and you shall not exploit the Service in any unauthorized way , including limited to, by trespass or burdening network capacity .
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement , SENETUNES and its licensors reserve the right to change , suspend, remove, or disable access to any Products SENETUNES , content or other items that are offered by the Service without notice. SENETUNES will in no way responsible for these changes. SENETUNES may also impose limits on the use of or access to certain features or portions of the Service, in any case and without notice or liability . Deleting a Content Service will not affect the content you have already acquired through the Service .
All copyrights in and to the Service, including the compilation of content, postings, links to other Internet resources, and descriptions of those resources are the property of SENETUNES and / or its licensors. The use of any part of the Service, use of the Service except as permitted herein , is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights of others and may subject you to civil and criminal penalties , including damages for breach of copyright.
As the holder of an account for the Service SENETUNES can give you limited access to download certain album cover art for music stored in your Library SENETUNES SENETUNES enforcement access . Access is provided to you only to serve you , and SENETUNES provides no warranty and is not liable for such pockets or use you make of it. You can not access pockets for music for which you are the legal owner of a legal copy . Album covers are provided only for personal and non-commercial use . You agree not to use the kits in any way that would infringe or breach of this Agreement or the rights of any third party, and you acknowledge that SENETUNES is in no way responsible for any such use by you.


In case of failure on your part, or if SENETUNES has serious reasons to believe that you have breached any provision of this Agreement, SENETUNES may, in its sole discretion and without notice : ( i) terminate this Agreement and / or your Account, in which case you will remain liable for all amounts due under your Account up to the date of termination; and / or ( ii ) terminate the license of the software , and / or ( iii ) preclude the access to all or part of the Service.
SENETUNES reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Service ( or any part or content of the Service) at any time, without the responsibility of SENETUNES may be incurred as a result to you or to any third party. Wherever possible, SENETUNES inform you in advance for any modification, suspension or termination of service . Termination of the Service will not affect SENETUNES products that you have already acquired . However, you may not be able to authorize additional computers to use SENETUNES products .


a. SENETUNES provide the Service with diligence and in compliance with the rules of art. SENETUNES gives no other commitment or any other warranty regarding the Service and , in particular, does not guarantee that :
(i) your use of the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free . You agree that SENETUNES occasionally suspend access to the Service for non predefined periods or put an end to the Service at any time for technical or operational reasons , to the extent possible, SENETUNES will inform you beforehand .
( ii ) the Service will be free from loss, damage , attack, viruses , interference, hacking, or other security breaches that constitute Force Majeure events and SENETUNES disclaims any liability for any adverse consequences that result. You are responsible for backing up your own system, including all products purchased from SENETUNES Service .
b . Except as specified in paragraph ( d) below or if you are exercising a right to reimbursement or compensation that is given to you by the law, SENETUNES , its officers, directors , employees, affiliates, agents , contractors or licensors shall in no event be liable for any loss or damage caused by SENETUNES , its employees or agents when:
( i) there is no breach of a legal duty of care towards you from SENETUNES or its employees or agents;
( ii ) such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of such breach;
( iii ) any aggravation of such loss or damage results from breach by you of any kind whatsoever to any provision of this Agreement;
( iv ) the loss or damage resulted from the decision SENETUNES , during the investigation of an alleged violation of this Agreement or after the finding by SENETUNES a violation of this Agreement has occurred, delete or refuse to process information or content , to warn you , to suspend or terminate your access to the Service or take any other action , or
(v ) the loss or damage results from a loss of income , business or profits or loss or corruption of data in connection with your use of the Service .
c . SENETUNES shall implement reasonable measures to protect the information you provide in connection with the Services, including against unauthorized use.
d. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit the liability of SENETUNES for fraud , gross negligence , willful misconduct , death or personal injury .
e . If you breach this Agreement , you will be liable to SENETUNES , its officers, directors , employees, affiliates , agents, contractors or licensors for any claim resulting from your breach . You will also be responsible for any action taken by SENETUNES under investigation for an alleged breach of this Agreement or as a result of the finding or conclusion that a violation of this Agreement has occurred.


SENETUNES reserves the right at any time to modify this Agreement and to impose new or additional conditions concerning your use of the Service . Such modifications and additional terms and conditions will be provided and , if you agree , will be effective immediately and incorporated into this Agreement. If you refuse to accept these changes , SENETUNES may terminate the Contract .


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and SENETUNES and governs your use of the Service , superseding any prior agreements between you and SENETUNES . You also may be subject to additional terms may apply when you use affiliate services , some SENETUNES products, content or software provided by a third party. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable , that provision will be construed in accordance with applicable law to reflect , as nearly as possible, the original intention of the parties , and the remaining provisions shall remain in force . The fact SENETUNES not enforce any right or provision under this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such provision or any other provision . SENETUNES not be held liable for failure to perform its obligations due to causes beyond its control.
Service is published by SENETUNES from Senegal. You agree to comply with all laws, ordinances and local, state , federal and state applicable to your use of the Service. This Agreement and the use of the Service is governed by Senegalese law .
SENETUNES may send you notices regarding the Service by email at the address listed in your account , in a letter sent by post to the address specified in your account or by posting on the Service . Notices shall become effective immediately.
SENETUNES reserves the right to take any action it deems reasonably necessary or appropriate to enforce and / or verify compliance with any part of this Agreement. You acknowledge that SENETUNES has the right, without liability to you , to disclose any Registration Data and / or Account information to authorities, government officials, and / or third parties , if it deems reasonably SENETUNES necessary or appropriate to enforce and / or verify compliance with any provision of this Agreement (including without limitation the right to SENETUNES to cooperate with any legal process relating to your use of the Service and / or Products SENETUNES and / or claims by third parties relating to your unauthorized use of the Service and / or Products SENETUNES or violation of rights of third parties) .