About us


With the advent of new technologies, sales of CDs has become obsolete because it is very rare these days to see a music lover with devices such as a CD player. Today music has become mobile , and the most common method of marketing today is legal download.
Faced with this changing technology , the Senegalese music should provide some answers to enable Senegalese artists continue to sell the product to work out their music. Thus was born SENETUNES to bring an innovation in the marketing of Senegalese music.


SENETUNES today intended to bring together all the players in the Senegalese music (authors, composers , producers, performers ) around its platform and offer legal downloading technology support enabling them to sell their music beyond the borders of Senegal and Africa .
More by applying a well-studied business strategy SENETUNES may retain all the customers of the platform, and thus respond to hinder the development of the Senegalese ie music piracy .

Features Offered

SENETUNES is simple WEB application that allows any user with an Internet connection to connect to the platform by typing the address . So customers can create an account and be able to buy as much music content they want. Again with an alert system well developed , all people on the site will receive emails informing them of the availability of new downloadable albums on the platform.
Modes payments platform is very simple and takes into account the low level of banking in Senegal , and users can pay with Paypal and Credit Card

 Music content

SENETUNES offer a varied and diverse repertoire of Senegalese music : From Rap to Mbalakh Galsen through acoustics, salsa, reggae and Ngueros .
With partnerships that are provided with the artists and houses Senegalese production SENETUNES revisit the repertoire of songs that have marked the history of the music of Senegal . All users will be served , from oldest to youngest .
SENETUNES is open to all Senegalese artists and without exception.